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What is Infant Swimming Resource (ISR)?

IsrIn Texas and 18 other states, childhood drowning is the #1 cause of accidental death for children ages four and under. However, drowning is a preventable tragedy. Our mission is to ensure that “not one more child drowns”.

ISR’s unique results are achieved through fully customized, safe and effective, one-on-one lessons with only your child and the instructor in the water. What your child will learn, and the way he or she will learn it, is what makes ISR so different from traditional swimming lessons. Always putting safety first, ISR emphasizes competence, which leads to confidence, and provides the foundation for a lifetime of enjoyment in and around the water.

Founded in 1966, Infant Swimming Resource is nationally recognized as the safest provider of survival swimming lessons for infants and young children.

With over 50 years of research and development, highly trained certified instructors committed to safety, and a proven history of success, parents can rest assured that their children are receiving the best possible instruction in the world today.

I will work with your child’s initial skills to help him or her be successful in and around the water. I have a deep passion for water safety and will not make your child over-confident or fearless, but will educate your child and teach him or her a healthy respect for the water.

Please remember that there is no substitute for adult supervision.

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