ISR Waterkids


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​I was so happy with the swimming instruction my three daughters received from Ilise. My two older daughters were learning how to swim with their heads down and to swim flat in the water. They were instructed on the proper strokes. They worked a lot on buoyancy in the water. Their swimming improved so much over the course of just two months. They LOVED coming to lessons. Ilise is firm and has control of the lessons, but still makes it very enjoyable and productive. My youngest daughter took the ISR lessons. It is quite an investment of time and resources, but I felt that it was money well spent, if it keeps my daughter more safe near the water. By the end of the lessons, she was floating on her back both in winter clothes and after being disoriented in the water. I am grateful for the lessons we received with Ilise.

Amy P.

I have to give huge kudos to Ilise Kohleriter for her tremendous skill in teaching my 21-month old grandson swimming survival skills.  In just 3 weeks (since he was only going to be around for that short duration) he was able to “fall” into a pool and survive by automatically rotating into a back float fully dressed with winter coat, shoes, and clothes! Watching the process every day was amazing and Teddy ended the program being very proud of himself.  I would personally and strongly recommend Ilise to anyone who is looking to give a young child not only a strong swimming start but one that could even save his life.

Suzie W.

Our three and a half year old daughterf started ISR with Ilise after a near drowning accident. Prior to ISR, Kamlen had been in several popular swimming programs (infact she had just finished a 4 week camp right before the near drowning). As parents, we have always been hyper sensitive around the water but it can and does happen quickly. Our two older children both went through ISR and enjoy swimming today. As you can imagine, experiencing a near drowning was quite scary. Immediately after the incident, we contacted Ilise and asked that she take our daughter into her summer program. Ilise did so even though her schedule was demanding! She was accommodating, and more importantly caring, towards our experience. Our daughter quickly bonded with Ilise, learned the ISR method and is considered safe in the water now! Our family feels safe knowing our little angel is continuing to stay safe in the water with annual refresher lessons.

Thank you Ilise!

Kristy P

28 seconds. That’s how long I had my eyes off my daughter.  8 seconds is how long it took for the dog to knock her in the pool. Drowning is silent, and I didn’t hear a sound. That’s when I found ISR, and Juliette started classes that following Monday. After seven weeks of swim class, Juliette was a confident little toddler-swimmer.  She learned the skills she needs to survive if she were to fall in. I am forever grateful for Ilise. She is kind, patient, and consistent in her teaching. I cannot express in words the peace of mind I have knowing my daughter can save herself in the water, and it has helped our whole family.  My only regret is not starting these classes sooner. Anyone who sees her in the water wonders how in the world a 2 year old can do what she can. It really is amazing!  Thank you ISR. Thank you, Ilise.  You are life savers, in the truest sense of the term.

Lisa S.

When our family moved in to a house with a swimming pool and I saw my youngest son, Jeremy, fall in to the pool about 1/2 a dozen times, I knew I needed to look seriously into ISR. Once we started lessons with Ilise, she would speak to him in a soft, even voice, encouraging him throughout the lesson saying “great Jeremy”. If she needed to take a moment to give Jeremy a hug when he was whining, she would. I always enjoyed hearing her encourage Jeremy, and every day I saw Jeremy become a more independent swimmer than the day before. I was amazed at the results. I highly recommend Ilise to teach any child how to swim using the ISR swimming method. She is very knowledgeable and experienced in teaching this method in a supportive and loving manner with children.

​Jolene M.

We have used Ilise for ISR lessons for at least 4 years. Our son (now 6) and daughter (now 2 1/2) love her. Even though they aren’t always happy with the challenges of learning, they look forward to going to Ms Ilise’s. They both enjoy swimming and we as parents feel better knowing that they can swim.

Mike and Trisha G.

Thanks for everything, Ilise! You are very good at what you do.

Allison C.

We have found our only swim instructor from now on!  I have 4 kids under 8 of various stages of swimming.  I have never seen such expertise teaching all four completely different aged with different learning styles to swim and survive in the water. Ilise has the ability to correctly teach swimming strokes according to American Red Cross and teach Infant Swim Rescue.  I wasn’t sure I was a believer in ISR but the younger twins had been in various programs to learn to swim and were incredibly unsafe. Ilise not only taught them to swim correctly, but now I have that extra minute to get to them if they fell in the water because they can float on their backs, which was a battle no other instructor could win with these two strong willed girls!    The older two, who are on swim team, were not swimming a single stroke correctly. This year, they swim correctly and are some of the fastest on the team! All four of my children love her, look forward to swimming lessons, and they have a mom who can breathe a little easier around the water, thanks to Ilise!

Michelle N.

Ilise has taught my daughter and son survival lessons from 15 and 18 months, respectively. She has the perfect balance of compassion and discipline it takes for a child to learn the swim float swim sequence. At 4 my daughter is now a fish in the water and can swim anywhere in our pool. My son, who is 22 months can swim to me and float when he needs too. It has been the best investment in my children’s safety I could ever make. ​​

Paige R.

I started my daughter with Ilise when she was 11 mos. She is now almost 4 and I have her “refresh” with Ilise every summer. When we go to a pool, we always receive comments on how great she swims in the water followed by questions about ISR. The skills she has learned are so incredibly important!! Ilise is a wonderful teacher. She is very professional and caring while helping them learn. My daughter LOVES “Ms. Ilise!” She now doesn’t want to leave lessons. And, I’m so very thankful to her for the skills she’s taught my daughter.

Kathy D.