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Give Your Child the Best Chance of Surviving a Water Accident with ISR & Red Cross Swim Lessons

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It’s warm outside, and your child is excited to get his energy out after being cooped up over the winter. He’s running around the backyard and, with a slip of the foot, falls into the pool. Does he survive?

Water is everywhere in Texas, from your neighbor’s or friend’s yard to lakes, ponds, streams, and commercial pools. The only way to be sure he’ll be safe in the water is to be sure he can save himself if he falls in. Sign your child up for lessons early in the season to ensure his safety.

ISR lessons are the safest and most effective way to ensure your child gets an early start to being safe in and around the water. Infant Swimming Resource is the original baby swimming and water safety course for children as young as 6 months. They are the best baby and child water survival swim lessons available.

Through ISR swim lessons, babies and children learn both to swim and to get to and maintain a float. Infant Swimming Resource can give you and your child peace of mind, knowing your little one will be safe in the water.

Once children have the basic ISR water survival skills, they can progress to Red Cross stroke development swim lessons. This way, your child can learn formal strokes such as front crawl, elementary backstroke, treading, breath control, and more.

Once children are skilled in the water, swimming becomes fun. What better way to enjoy the summer? ISR swim lessons fill up quickly, so register early to be sure you get a time slot.

Contact me to answer any questions you might have or for registration information.

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