2021 Lesson Information:

I will be teaching indoors in The Colony (The Colony Aquatic Park) starting March 15, then transition to the outdoor pool May 17, which is located near Frankford & Hillcrest in Far N. Dallas (close to Plano). I do not travel for lessons. I have put you on my emailing list and will be sending out the registration email in early February. If you'd like to get your child into lessons, I recommend you respond to that email ASAP, as I do tend to fill up. I have included my lesson information for your reference.


Again this year, I will be following Covid-19 protocols to keep everyone safe. These will include my wearing a face shield, only allowing 2 families in the backyard at a time and separated, no sharing chairs, etc. I am happy to send those to you if you're interested.


My rates for 2021 are $125/wk for both ISR and stroke development lessons. Scheduling and cost are the same for both. Once ISR skills are attained, I can begin stroke development lessons for children aged 4 and up (in some instances, a 3-year-old will be ready). There is a $105 non-refundable registration fee for new ISR students, which goes to the corporate office. There is no registration fee for stroke development only. Once we settle on a time slot, I will send you the registration link and reserve it for you for 24 hrs or less to give you time to register. In order to reserve your slot, you will need to both register online and to pay the first two weeks' tuition (both non-refundable) upfront. Both the registration and the deposit are due within 24 hours of initially scheduling your slot. For the 2 week deposit, I can take payment via Venmo or cash (which you would need to drop off to me). If you have not both made the deposit and registered within that time frame, I will open up the slot to someone else. Know that no make-up lessons are given except for inclement weather or if I cancel, so keep that in mind when scheduling.


For children 6 months to 6 years, I teach water survival, as opposed to splashing and playing or technique (i.e.. breaststroke, front crawl, etc.). If a child should fall into the water, she will be able to swim with her face in the water, roll over to float so she can get some air and maintain the float if necessary, then flip back over to swim and continue that sequence so she can get to the side or the stairs to get out to safety. A child younger than around 15 mo learns to hold his breath in the water, to get to a float and maintain a float until someone can get to him. I can teach a child as young as 6 months as long as he is able to sit independently without flopping over for at least one minute.


Because young children learn through sensory-motor learning or the muscle memory of how their bodies should be moving through the water, they need much repetition. Therefore, the lessons are 5 days/wk, Monday-Friday. All lessons are one-on-one, so the child is working very hard and gets easily fatigued, so the lessons are no longer than 10 minutes per day. I will check for fatigue typically several times during the lesson to see if the child needs to end the lesson for the day or can keep going.


Children under 15 mo. usually take around 5 wks. to acquire the skills. For a child older than that, it typically takes about 7-8 wks. I don't guarantee any time frame because each child is different, and I don't want a child to end lessons until he is safe in the water. At the end of the lessons, I will test the child's skills with clothes on. Ninety percent of water accidents occur with clothes on, and so I want to be sure she will be safe if this happens when she is fully clothed.


When you register online, you will fill out a brief health history of your child, which goes to a medical team. They review your information and if they have any concerns or questions, they will get back to you directly. They must give me approval before I can teach your child. They will also send you a digital parent resource book and a code for $15 towards the ISR Seal Store, where you can buy things such as an ISR t-shirt or a reusable swim diaper.


If you are interested in registering, please let me know and we will find a time slot for you. I will then send you the link to register. Please know that children often cry during lessons because they are made to work in the water rather than play, and this may make them unhappy.


I am also Red Cross certified and teach traditional swim lessons to students ages four through adult. I am happy to teach stroke development to those children 4 yrs & up that are already ISR skilled, or 6 yrs & up for those who have not learned ISR. Through the Learn to Swim program, students learn proper form in strokes, breath control, water safety, treading and more. All lessons are private and one on one, resulting in quicker skill development. The price and schedule structure is the same for both Red Cross & ISR lessons.


I am also teaching swimming to children with autism. Children with autism learn the same ISR skills, but I use an adapted format which makes it easier for them to learn. If you know of anyone who would benefit from this, please forward my information.


I hope this is a fairly clear explanation of what I do. I encourage you to go to www.isrwaterkids.com where you can watch videos and get more information on the technique. Also, "Like" me on Facebook at www.facebook.com/ISRWaterkids. Please let me know if you have any further questions.   



Ilise Kohleriter

Certified ISR Instructor

Certified Red Cross WSI Instructor

Swimming with Autism Instructor