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Ilise Kohleriter


I initially became aware of ISR when my first child was two years old. We had recently moved into a house with a pool, and my son was a master climber. Knowing I had to keep him safe, I found an ISR instructor and enrolled him immediately. During the first week of lessons, and finding that my son had climbed over the safety fence during the 2 minutes I had my back turned, I knew I had done the right thing in getting him into ISR lessons. I now am a Certified Instructor and my 3 children have all been trained in the program. I have been teaching since 2007.


ISR instructors are the most highly trained and qualified of any swimming program in the country. My certification process involved 5 weeks of intensive training, which included a minimum of 60 hours of supervised in-water training. The training also included education and testing in subjects such as child psychology, physiology and behavioral science. As a certified instructor, I must undergo annual reviews and re-certification to ensure skills and techniques continue to meet the highest ISR standards.


As a certified Red Cross Water Safety Instructor (WSI), I teach the Learn to Swim program to children to help them to master proper form in strokes, treading, water safety and more. I maintain bi-annual certification requirements for WSI as well.


​In addition, I have gone through training through the "Swimming with Autism" program in order to be able to teach children with autism, who are especially at risk for drowning because of their tendency to elope.

I have a Bachelors Degree in Psychology and a Masters of Science in Social Work. I have worked with many types of children in a number of different settings. I am also certified in Adult/Pediatric CPR and First Aid. I am very committed to do all I can to keep children safe in and around the water.


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