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About Red Cross Swim Lessons

American red cross v2Students from 6 years through adulthood follow the “Red Cross Learn to Swim” program. Girls 31/2 years old and boys 4 years old and up who have already been ISR trained can begin stroke development lessons. 

An initial assessment is performed in the first lesson to evaluate the student’s current skills, and lessons begin from the appropriate level in the program.

As students move through the levels, they will learn basic propulsion through the water, breath control, buoyancy, treading, floating, swimming on the front, side, and back, water safety, and stroke refinement. 

All lessons are provided privately and one-on-one to give students more individual time with the instructor, resulting in acquiring the skills faster. This also keeps lessons safer, as a small group of unskilled swimmers will never be left on the side of the pool while the instructor is working in the middle of the pool with an individual.

Red Cross students follow the same schedule and pricing structure as ISR students.

Photos Of Activities

Infant Swim Lessons

Girl Swimming

Infant Swim